Dr. Arunkumar Adchitre

Director & Founder of ADCHITRE EYE HOSPITAL

Dr. Arun Adchitre is the Director & Founder of ADCHITRE EYE HOSPITAL. Being an expert Cataract & Refractive Surgeon he believes in perpetually updating his knowledge & acquiring the latest, world-renowned techniques in Ophthalmology to provide the highest standard of care & deliver the best
vision to his patients. He has performed live Surgeries in various conferences at State & National Levels and is a Faculty in Ophthalmic Summits of AIOC, ISCKRS, MOSCON, BOA, MAROPCON. Having great curiosity in Novel
Surgical Methods he regularly attends International Summits & Conferences like the AAO, ESCRS, EUGL, APACRS, ACS, APAO, WGS.

The prestigious “Chikitsak Ratna Award” has been bestowed upon him by the then Vice President of India among many other awards & accolades. He currently is the Vice President of the Aurangabad Ophthalmological Association & has served in capacity of the Scientific Chairman, Director & General Secretary in the past. Dr. Arun also happens to be an Associate Director of the Elite Lasik Laser Centre, where he is a Consulting Surgeon too.

He is affiliated with:

Adchitre Eye Hospital

Serving The City Since 22 Years

Adchitre Eye Hospital is a State Of Art Advanced PHACO & LASIK Centre in Aurangabad (MS), serving the city for the past 22 years. Comprehensive & elaborate knowledge augmented with the most ultra-modern technologies & paramount focus on patient outcomes & care is what drives our enthusiasm to heal all ocular ailments with compassion & proficiency!

We at Adchitre Eye Hospital have been committed to providing World Class Eye Care in all domains of Ophthalmology ranging from everyday eye problems to major eye diseases & surgeries. Driven by innovation, it is our motto to provide nothing less than “The Best Eye Care recognized all around the globe & to make it accessible to all.” Constant evolution, research & breakthroughs have been incorporated in our practice right since day one.

Adchitre Eye Hospital- Cataract Phaco Surgeon in Aurangabad

World-renowned SCHWIND AMARIS 500 LASIK & MICS-PHACONIT are the alpha & omega of our technology. We deliver precise refractive error correction for Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism & Presbyopia all under one roof. “Micro-Incisional Cataract Surgery with Phacoemulsification” complemented by the novel & noble Indian / Imported / Multifocal Foldable IOLs delivering crystal clear sharp vision is our area of expertise. We are determined to save the eyesight of Keratoconus & Glaucoma patients to facilitate a healthy future.

Our dedicated team perseveres to provide the highest standard of patient satisfaction & good clinical outcomes! We strive to maintain unparalleled levels of cleanliness & hygiene in our premises by the thorough implementation of all Hospital Sanitation & Safety Protocols & go the extra mile for our patients by totally avoiding septic procedures in our facility. Come & experience the ultimate culmination of passion, perseverance & precision through our Premium Eye Care & Therapy today!